Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photography People

Friendship is very valuable and moments like this last for ever.

Even teachers need their quality time to socialize.

This picture shows a very cheerful SST student

When is the best time to take photos?
The best time would be early morning and late evenings(when the sun is at the lowest point)


Zhi Chao said...

wait!!! what rules are you using, i can't really tell what rules are these photos based on

Jadesakura said...

I don't see much of the photography rules


Joshua said...

Some of your pictures such as the first and last one seem to have the main objects ( the students ) focused on. However, in the second picture, i feel that there is a lack of rules applied as not all the teachers will be focused on at a time.

Master Chief said...

The rules were used in the first and last photo but the second one could have been better.
No offence

t.jianhui said...

Don't zoom in so much. Leave some background.