Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reflection - Prototype

Some difficulties i encountered were that the modeling process requires all the parts to present when a person starts to use the glue.  I did not have all the parts present when i started to glue the product. I when i brought it home and back, the glue part started to fall apart. I could not overcome the problem until the last day when i had cut all the parts out. What also happened was that my main shaft and the handle were not proportional. I had to remake the main shaft again.
The 2 takeaway were first of all, cut out all the parts and the second was to plan all the sizes of the pieces before cutting it out.


1)  I have learnt how to think critically and Creatively. How to think out of the box. How to communicate my ideas to the rest of the world in a way that they will understand.

2) I have faced a few difficulties.
    a) i could not think of an idea at first.
    b) I did not know what my product will look like after i had thought of the idea.
    c) My model had a serious defect that i could not retract and extend the flap of my product.
    d) Some parts of my product was weak and was falling apart.

3) Here was how i overcame the problems.
    a) I used some idea generating skills and thought out of the box to find an idea.
    b) I spent some time trying to visualize what the product will look like. Then i thought of all the different aspects of the product and i drew then on the mahjong paper which was given to us by Miss Seah.
    c) I once again I thought out of the box and figured out how to solve the problem.
    d) I was at home when the product started to fall apart. I taped it and when i got to school, I glued it with multiple layers of glue.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ergonomics(Product description and Idea Trigger)

i) Describe the product. (Appearance, Color, Function, etc)
It is in the shape of the Yan half of Yin-Yan symbol. It is black and white. It is to stop doors.

ii) What are the design considerations when designing this product?
An easy to use product.

iii) Would an elderly faced difficulty using this product? If yes, what are the difficulties that the elderly would face?
Yes, the elderly would have to bend to stop the door

iv) What do you think can be done to improve on the design of the product to suit the elderly? (Sketch the improved design in your sketchbook and take a picture of it. Post the improved sketch at the end of your post.)

Here is another version
This is a new design. The large object at the bottom is used for stopping doors. the long stick will stop the person from bending over. The other side contains a device which helps a person to wear his/her shoe.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ergonomics ll

What is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics is a science concerned with the "fit" between people and their work. It takes account of the worker's capabilities and limitations in seeking to ensure that tasks, equipment, information and the environment suit each user.

The five aspects of the Ergonomics are: 1) Safety

                                                                                   2) Comfort
                                                                                   3) Ease of use
                                                                                   4) Productivity/ Performance
                                                                                   5) Aesthetics
Uses concerning the Elderly:
1) Safety
This is the Boomer : an elder-friendly walker. One of the main causes for accidents concerning the elderly in the World is accidents on the staircase. This walker will make it easier for elderly people to go up and down the staircases. More information on this site .
2) Comfort
This HT4 modular toilet is made specially for Elderly keeping mind the comfort for the elderly
For more information, go here.
3) Ease of use 
The Bath Grip is an easy to use tool as many elderly people have trouble getting out of their bath tubs. This device will stick to any non-porous surface such as porcelain, tile and glass via its two suction cups. It also has a small indicator light to show if the suction is strong or not. for more information, go to this site  and scroll down until you see the article about this bath grip.

4) Productivity/ Performance
The table attached to wheelchair will increase productivity as they can work while moving.
This product will improve aesthetics of the person as it has specific herbs to do this.

Ergonomics I

a) Comfort and Simplicity
Man in beige suit's office: His chair is very uncomfortable as he was shifting his body to get more comfortable
Adjusting the Chair is difficult as the adjusting knob is at the back of the chair and it can come out.
Chair's back make the person prone to bending over.
Man in Black suit's office: Adjusting it's hight is easy as one can just bend over to change it's hight.
It is easily bendable making it easy to adjust it's bend-ability.
Chair's build make's it easier to straighten up
b) Incorrect hight and depth
Man in biege suit's office: He cannot adjust the hight and how near it is to him easily.
Man in black suit's office: He can easily

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elderly Challenge Observation 4

The corridor is too crammed and this will cause some difficulty for the elderly as they walk from one end of the corridor to another.They might trip over the stands of the rack. The front rack is affixed to the wall and so it cannot move and it will then protrude out of the wall and thus injuring the elderly is they hit it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Elderly Challenge Observation 3

The buttons on the remote are too cramped and the words are too small so anyone with weak eyesight will not be able to read the words and thus press the wrong button. The words need to be bigger and it would be good it the remote said the button being pressed or maybe it could have a word recognizing software where the person can just speak the word and the command word be executed.

Elderly Challenge Observation 2

This drain is deep and an Elderly person can accidentally fall in it and since it is deep, they might not be able to get out of the drain and they might get injured as well.

Elderly Challenge - Observation 1

There is a bump on the floor and so the elderly person can trip and fall over it. Poor eyesight can make the bump more unnoticeable for them.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday Work - Part 3:Tools to be learnt in Semester 2

Here is the room's overview. It is spacious and nothing will get into the way of the Elder Folk.The wardrobes are built into the wall to save space and not pose a threat to the Elderly people. The handles of the wardrobes are made of a special anti-slip material with grooves in it so that the user will have no problems opening the doors.

This air conditioner is placed at best possible place so that the user need not to stretch too much to change so settings of the air conditioner. The signal of the remote can reach the air-conditioner easier.

this television set is large enough for the user so that he/she can use it with comfort with out straining his/her eyes

This bed is low so that even if the user falls over, so that he/she does not get feel much pain and get injured but it is high enough so that the person will have ease in getting out of it.

Holiday work - Part 1: Understanding the ‘The Elderly Challenge’

Four key recommendation of the report:

1) Provide a Elderly friendly residence for the elders such as having different housing choices like the size, types, cost and where is it situated so as to offer the elderly people with more option to choose from to meet the needs of their requirement.

2) Have a barrier free community.Examples are providing the elderly people with an environment that will not impede them from traveling or access to some places. This will facilitate the elderly people and thus making their life easier. Making buses more accessible for the elderly by having no steps for wheelchairs and a low floor is also an example. This will not only benefit the seniors, but young parents, children in prams and people with physical disability.

3)Having more affordable healthcare and elderly care services.Top up the Medisave accounts of those who are not well-to-do when there are budget surplus, which means whenever the government have left over from the expenditure of the country development, it will go into the Medisave accounts and this will defray the cost of the healthcare costs.Family physicians also should take care of the elderly people more and look into their matters comprehensively.

4) Active lifestyles and well-being.Promote more programmes and services for the seniors so as to have them significantly contribute to Singapore, their family and the society.Build on family ties to ensure that the elderly people still have their family members as their front line of support.

One way the CAI report recommending to make our public housing more elderly-friendly
It says that HDB should work with market players to offer reverse mortgage schemes for elderly HDB flat lessees at commercial terms, to provide another option for seniors to derive some income from their homes to meet expenditure in old age, without having to move out of their homes.

TWO ways on how we can ensure that the quality of elderly care here in Singapore is affordable
1) The clinics can help them by providing subsidized fees for their services.
2) Give those elder people who do not have a income source a monthly allowance .

THREE things that I can do, as an SST student, to help overcome these elderly challenges
1) I can organize a fund-raising event to raise money for the Elderly.
2) I can design a machine which can allow the elderly person to walk or move across any surface.
3) I can assist a few elderly people with their needs.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LEAP week-NEWater visit

1) The 3 takeaways from today's visit is
We need to conserve water, the four national taps supply us with water and NEWater's method of supplying water.

i) We need more water resources to ensure a constant water supply.
ii) The processes of how NEWater clean water.

3) I learned that NEWater is very safe for human consumption but yet NEWater does not advertise about their products and sell it to industries and commercial places instead and that NEWater undergoes 3 stages of cleansing.

4) By actively participating in conserving water, or if possible, improve the methods or even develop new methods.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photography People

Friendship is very valuable and moments like this last for ever.

Even teachers need their quality time to socialize.

This picture shows a very cheerful SST student

When is the best time to take photos?
The best time would be early morning and late evenings(when the sun is at the lowest point)

Friday, February 12, 2010

photography-research and findings

Types of photography:








8)black and white

9)camera phone


11)digiscoping-taken through a binocular or telescope





16)large format








24)pinhole-uses the most basic type of camera possible — a box with a tiny hole to let light in.





29)stereoscopic-taking two photos to make 3-d image




33)ultra violet


35)urban ,industrial

sited from:

Items for photography:


2)camera bag



sited from:

sited from:

what is aperture?

Aperture is the diameter of the lens opening to take a photo.The larger the aperture, the more amount of light will reach the image sensor and the more the details in the photo will be.

sited from:

what is focus?

focus is how far the camera can take clear photos

sited from:

what is shutter speed?

shutter speed is how fast a camera’s shutter opens and closes.A fast shutter will freeze the entire scene and a slow shutter will make the background blurred.

sited from:

What is ISO?

iso is the speed of the part in the camera which catches light to post on the photo and effects the exposure.

Sited from:,-ISO,-shoot-speed,-aperture.html

what is metering?

metering is the process of taking the light reading to seth the correct aperture and shutter speed

sited from:

What is white balance?

white balance is to take a photo its real colours intact

sited from:

what are the rules of photography?

1)diagonal lines

2)rule of thirds

3)golden section rule

sited from:

techniques of photography

1)use natural or man made objects to make a frame around the subject

2)try to add the sun or some clouds in the picture for a nice effect

3)take action shots to freeze motion for the effect.

sited from:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Difference between Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic Drawing.

Isometric Drawings:sited from:
A form of three-dimensional projection in which all of the principal planes are drawn parallel to corresponding established axes and at true dimensions; horizontals usually are drawn at 30° from the normal horizontal axes; verticals remain parallel to the normal vertical axis.
Sited from:

Oblique Drawings:

photo from:
Oblique drawings are designed to show a three dimensional view of an object. It is a kind of a drawing that show
s one face of the object in true shape, but the other faces on a distorted angle. Oblique is not really a '3D' system but a 2 dimensional view of an object with 'forced depth'.
sited from:
Orthographic Drawings:
A drawing that communicates the shape and size of an object through a series of related two-dimensional views.
sited from:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1: Personal Reflection

ADMT means making art such as drawings using technology which consists of design and media.An ADMT student should be hardworking and persevering.I aspire to be hardworking and persevering by doing my work with my best effort.

this picture shows a empty web browser as without ADMT,graphic designs would not be possible.