Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday Work - Part 3:Tools to be learnt in Semester 2

Here is the room's overview. It is spacious and nothing will get into the way of the Elder Folk.The wardrobes are built into the wall to save space and not pose a threat to the Elderly people. The handles of the wardrobes are made of a special anti-slip material with grooves in it so that the user will have no problems opening the doors.

This air conditioner is placed at best possible place so that the user need not to stretch too much to change so settings of the air conditioner. The signal of the remote can reach the air-conditioner easier.

this television set is large enough for the user so that he/she can use it with comfort with out straining his/her eyes

This bed is low so that even if the user falls over, so that he/she does not get feel much pain and get injured but it is high enough so that the person will have ease in getting out of it.

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