Wednesday, October 13, 2010


1)  I have learnt how to think critically and Creatively. How to think out of the box. How to communicate my ideas to the rest of the world in a way that they will understand.

2) I have faced a few difficulties.
    a) i could not think of an idea at first.
    b) I did not know what my product will look like after i had thought of the idea.
    c) My model had a serious defect that i could not retract and extend the flap of my product.
    d) Some parts of my product was weak and was falling apart.

3) Here was how i overcame the problems.
    a) I used some idea generating skills and thought out of the box to find an idea.
    b) I spent some time trying to visualize what the product will look like. Then i thought of all the different aspects of the product and i drew then on the mahjong paper which was given to us by Miss Seah.
    c) I once again I thought out of the box and figured out how to solve the problem.
    d) I was at home when the product started to fall apart. I taped it and when i got to school, I glued it with multiple layers of glue.

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