Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ergonomics(Product description and Idea Trigger)

i) Describe the product. (Appearance, Color, Function, etc)
It is in the shape of the Yan half of Yin-Yan symbol. It is black and white. It is to stop doors.

ii) What are the design considerations when designing this product?
An easy to use product.

iii) Would an elderly faced difficulty using this product? If yes, what are the difficulties that the elderly would face?
Yes, the elderly would have to bend to stop the door

iv) What do you think can be done to improve on the design of the product to suit the elderly? (Sketch the improved design in your sketchbook and take a picture of it. Post the improved sketch at the end of your post.)

Here is another version
This is a new design. The large object at the bottom is used for stopping doors. the long stick will stop the person from bending over. The other side contains a device which helps a person to wear his/her shoe.


Joshua Ma Wen An said...

The designs are explained quite well and the sketch is great. You should also talk more about why it is not elderly friendly.

Harsh Seth said...

The design is not elder-friendly as the user will have to bend over to use the stopper. Any person with a back problem will not be able to do so.